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Helping educators realize the potential of open source software as a tool for teaching and learning.

Open Source Software

This is a selection of software that we have used and distributed. The "View More" link will take you to another page with additional information such as commercial software equivalents, operating systems, download links, tutorial links, reviews, etc.

Title & Link to Website Functionality Link to more info.
7-ZipFile archiver with high compression ratioView More
AudacityAudio recorder and editorView More
AVGAnti-virus protection toolView More
Blender3D modeling, animation, rendering, playbackView More
ClamWinAnti-virus protection tool for WindowsView More
Cmap ToolsConcept MappingView More
FirefoxWeb browserView More
FireFTPFTP file transfer - add-on to FireFoxView More
FreemindConcept MappingView More
GimpGraphics editingView More
GizmoInternet phoneView More
InkscapeVector graphics editorView More
IrfanviewGraphic viewer, editor and converted - Windows onlyView More
K12LTSP ServerLinux server operating systemView More
MoodleOnline Course Management SystemView More
NeoOffice Office Suite designed to have Mac-like interface View More
Nvu Web page editor View More
Open OfficeOffice SuiteView More
PDFCreatorCreate PDF files from any other software packageView More
SeaMonkey Web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat and web page editor View More
SME Server Linux server operating system View More
Skype Internet phone View More
TuxPaint Drawing program View More
TuxType Typing program View More